Elect Paul Soglin for Governor 2018





Soglin offered the most ideas that no one else brought up on their own, including support for a universal law enforcement database allowing for tracing of weapons, banning replica guns, limiting the number of firearms that can be purchased at one time and within a month, and banning civilians from using armor-piercing bullets, all of which most other candidates agreed with when asked.
— Wisconsin State Journal, March 8, 2018
Paul Soglin for Governor 2018 Wisconsin Gun Sense Candidate

Paul Soglin's Positions: 

  • Prohibit persons convicted of domestic violent crimes or subject to restraining orders from acquiring or possessing firearms;
    • All domestic violence and drug abuse prohibiting records should be entered into background check systems.
    • Those convicted of such crimes and misdemeanors must turn in their weapons.
  • Ban replica handguns designed to look like real weapons.
  • Supports a universal law enforcement data-base allowing for the tracing of all weapons.
  • Opposes programs to arm any non-law enforcement personnel (including teachers) in public schools.
  • Supports public safety legislation requiring background checks for all firearm sales regardless of site (brick and mortar store, mail order, internet, gun shows).
  • Opposes “stand your ground” and “shoot first” legislation and a return to the traditional standard derived from English Common Law of “The Castle Doctrine” i.e. required to retreat unless there is no safe place or the individual or others are in life threatening danger.
  • Supports an effective ban on military-style assault weapons such as the AK-47 and its component parts
  • Supports no guns for those on terrorist or do-not-fly lists.
  • Supports limits on the number of firearms that can be purchased at one time and within a month.
  • Supports a ban on anyone other than a licensed dealer moving multiple weapons across state lines, unless the firearms are used as part of educational, scientific, museum or competition activity.
  • Supports a ban on non-law enforcement owning, possessing, or using armor piercing bullets.