Elect Paul Soglin for Governor 2018






The Record

In his first term as mayor Paul Soglin in 1975, working with Rev. James Wight, Director of the Equal Opportunities Commission, passed Madison’s non-discrimination ordinance on the basis of sexual orientation. This placed Madison in the first dozen cities in the country to enact such an ordinance.

In his second term as mayor Paul Soglin, working with gay Republican Alder Jim McFarland and building on the work of the Madison Institute for Social Legislation (MSIL), led the effort to pass full domestic partner benefits for gay and lesbian families in Madison. Madison was the first city in the state of Wisconsin to recognize gay and lesbian families. Soglin also joined other mayors in the 1993 effort to cancel the nation’s mayor’s meeting in Colorado when that state had passed an anti-gay rights law.

In his present term mayor Paul Soglin has worked to ensure that Madison has scored 100% on the Equality Index for LGBT citizens put out by the Human Rights Campaign. Madison has achieved that score every year since 2013.

The Issues

As Governor, Paul Soglin will:

  • Amend Wisconsin non-discrimination law to include transgender individuals.
  • Work with state agencies to increase vigorous non-discrimination enforcement for all equal rights.
  • Highlight an annual Governor’s report on discrimination matters and hate crimes to ensure protection and public safety to all Wisconsin citizens.
  • Increase access to competent and affirming health care for transgender individuals.
  • Restore transgender health benefits for state employees taken away in 2017. Benefits such as health matters should be decided on a medical basis.
  • Oppose legislative efforts like the current pending SB 634 that would destroy local ordinances protecting non-discrimination across Wisconsin including local labor agreements. 
  • Oppose any “bathroom” bills and work to ensure state facilities provide gender neutral and family bathrooms.
  • Support legislation to ban so called “conversion therapy” for minors in the state which can pose youth health risks. Milwaukee has already enacted a ban on youth conversion therapy.
  • Create an inclusive administration by appointing LGBT people to positions throughout state government as Soglin has have done in the city of Madison. Soglin will recreate the Governor’s Council on LGBT Issues, first created by Governor Tony Earl in 1983.